Actor Stephen Lytton talks about his experience in the downtown eastside, residential school, and moving forward

STEPHEN LYTTON, an actor with Weaving Reconciliation: Our Way, is a long-time DTES resident, actor, writer, community activist and residential school survivor from the Nlaka’pamux First Nation, Lytton BC. Stephen has also been honoured with the Governor General’s Caring Canadian Award.

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“One of the best things I’ve ever done is getting involved in community, getting involved in theatre.

“I think sharing Weaving Reconciliation: Our Way will help people shed the tears, but also help ease the pain of letting go. And letting go is a must. If we are to survive as a people we must begin to look at where we are at as an indigenous people in order for us to begin to lead our nation forward.

“The sad thing is our youth are dying faster than those that have been institutionalized, either through residential school, foster care, reform or the penal system. We have to wake up and begin to look at where we’re at so we can begin to be role models for those that follow in our footsteps. We have to give them some hope.

“This is the best way of sharing reconciliation, through the beauty of theatre.

“What does reconciliation mean to Canada? Do they truly understand the history? Do they truly understand what reconciliation is? As indigenous people, are we truly ready to share what we want to share? Yes – we are. We are doing this – because we must. And will continue to share for as long as we are able to. There’s no other option for us. We can do it with or without you, but we’d prefer to do it with you… because at the end of the day, we still have to deal with the daily issues within our communities to try and mend and heal and fix our communities.”

Posted by Julia Siedlanowska

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