Audience Feedback

 “thank you to you and company for an amazing play.

the play touched on so much for me.

This is our medicine.

so good.”

"Thank you so much for this beautiful, humorous, tragic, hopeful tapestry."

"The power of good theatre is the capacity to draw us into the story and help us to empathize with the characters. Watching the play, I believed that each story represented the lived experience of each actor. The sharing of the stories, intertwined with other stories, intertwined with past injustices, intertwined with other injustices, give light to the complexities of the process of reconciliation with Indigenous families.It may make you cry. It will make you think.  It will make you hopeful. And surprisingly, it will make you laugh."

"Amazing, amazing AMAZING.  So SO powerful. I felt lucky to be in the room."

“I felt so involved by the performances that I didn't feel like merely an audience member or an impartial witness - I was utterly involved ...heartbreaking, warm and heartfelt, encouraging, funny, deeply moving, very interesting, and utterly engaging...” 

“Thank you for creating this production. I felt touched and very welcomed with my baby.  I value all the traditional songs shared and the teachings of this show will resonate with me for a long time. I would love to see it again. Accessibility was made for all to attend.  I will tell my family in Winnipeg to see this.  As a decolonizing Filipina, I was reflecting on my own journey in healing as an artist. Thank you for inspiring healing in us all.” 

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