The Story

Weaving Reconciliation: Our Way brings to life the lived experience of Old One and his struggle to reconcile with himself, his family and his community.  The story of Old One’s healing journey unfolds as he opens up to life’s regrets and hopes: with humour, games and gifts of hope from Trickster; and unscripted cultural sharing by youth and knowledge-keepers from the host territory.

Set on Coast Salish territory in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, this one-act play and cultural encounter weaves a dream-like journey seen through Old One’s eyes, as his family journeys to reconcile with their past and the impacts of residential school on their communities.

With help from his ancestors, Old One re-visits his lived memories: his shame in not raising his daughter, the salmon fishing industry’s decline,  the impact of residential school on their lives, his missing wife, and the reverberating impact of intergenerational trauma.

As he flees from his trauma, the Ancestors give him the ancient gambling game of Slahal in the hope that he knows the gamble in not facing his fears. Through improvisational scenes with Trickster and a youth from the territory, Old One witnesses resilience and hope for the future.

Will Old One have the courage to reconcile with his family?