Partner Organizations

Vancouver/Coast Salish Territory

Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre
The Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre Society (VAFCS) was registered in 1963 under the British Columbia Act as a non profit organization. The Centre has been providing quality programs and services to the community for over 50 years. The mandate of the centre is to meet the needs of the urban Aboriginal People making a transition to the urban community. The centre strives to provide holistic and cultural services to all of its community members. Over 40,000 urban Aboriginal People are identified and targeted as the clientele base of the VAFCS in its catchment area of the Greater Vancouver Regional District.

Playwrights Theatre Centre
PTC is a dramaturgically-focused theatre company that finds, nurtures, and advances the Canadian playwright, supporting new plays from creation to performance - dramaturgy, development, playmaking from A to Z. PTC helps artists transform their practice and ideas. New and necessary stories take shape. Fresh ways of working, thinking and creating emerge. PTC fosters a culture of inclusivity and aims to be accessible to all artists of passion and vision. Since moving into Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, PTC has collaborated with Vancouver Moving Theatre on programming for the Downtown Eastside Heart of the City Festival.   Weaving Reconciliation: Our Way is the first PTC/VMT long-term artistic collaboration.

EartHand Gleaners Society
Founded as an arts-based non-profit in 2013, EartHand Gleaners Society’s specialty is connecting makers with materials that come directly from the land around them; they model ‘How to be a Producer without first being a Consumer’. By working with the plants around us using ancestral skills common to all cultures, EartHand inspires participants to discover cultural connections, learn new skills, and discover novel sources of raw materials for creative practices, including garden waste, invasive plants, and textile waste.

Penticton/Sylix Territory

En’owkin Centre
The En’owkin Centre is an Indigenous cultural, educational and creative arts institution located on the Penticton Indian Reserve.  If offers a culturally sensitive learning environment with a full complement of training and educational programs and hosts cultural gatherings, conferences, workshops and exhibitions.  The En’owkin Centre focuses on Indigenous world views and expressions and develops skills in creating fusions of traditional artistic forms with contemporary techniques. The word En'owkin is an Okanagan conceptual metaphor which describes a process of clarification, conflict resolution and group commitment. With a focus on coming to the best solutions possible through respectful dialogue, literally through consensus, the En'owkin centre is a dynamic institution, which puts into practice the principles of self-determination and the validation of cultural aspirations and identity.

Toronto/Treaty 13

Native Earth Performing Arts
Native Earth Performing Arts is Canada’s oldest professional Indigenous performing arts company. Currently in their 35th year, they are dedicated to sharing stories of the Indigenous experience in Canada through theatre, dance and multi-disciplinary arts. They have developed the work of over 200 Indigenous artists through 30 years of their annual developmental festival, Weesageechak Begins to Dance. They have a vision that is inclusive and reflective of the artistic directions of members of the Indigenous community who actively participate in the arts. In service of their mandate and mission, the company strives to operate according to 7 traditional principles which inform decisions in all undertakings: Courage, Generosity, Tolerance, Strength of Character, Patience, Humility and Wisdom.

Jumblies Theatre
Jumblies is a Toronto-based organization with a national and international reach that engages in collaborations between professional artists and diverse people and communities, and equips, mentors and supports others to do so.  Jumblies was founded by Ruth Howard, building on several decades of experience as a designer in professional and popular theatre, and particularly inspired by a form of Community Play brought to Canada from England in 1990 by Dale Hamilton and the Colway Theatre Trust (now Claque Theatre).  “Jumblies makes art in everyday and extraordinary places with, for and about the people and stories found there, thus creating transient utopias and far-reaching ripples.”

Winnipeg/Treaty 1 and Metis Homelands

Théâtre Cercle Molière
Le Cercle Molière is a theatre company in Winnipeg, dedicated to promoting French-language theatre in Manitoba. In continuous operation since 1925, its activities include a four-play subscription season, a youth production that tours Manitoba schools, a high school theatre festival (Festival théâtre-jeunesse), a series of live play readings (5 à 7 ½), a directing workshop for new works and talent (Marathon de mises en scène) and children’s drama classes (Le Cercle Molière's Theatre School).  Le Cercle has collaborated with companies such as Urban Indigenous Theatre Company and Prairie Theatre Exchange and hosted productions from visiting companies across Canada and Europe. The oldest continuously running theatre company in Canada, Le Cercle is housed in Old Saint-Boniface, the city’s French quarter and an area of historic Ojibwe occupation.

Native Youth Theatre
Located on Treaty One Territory and Metis Homelands, Native Youth Theatre is a program of the Manitoba Theatre for Young People with the mandate to provide beginner to advanced theatre and film courses for indigenous youth (ages 9-18). Designed to foster imagination, creativity, self-esteem and self-confidence, NTY’s courses explore indigenous culture and traditions through play making, theatre games, puppetry, mask-making, theatre sports and improvisation