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“Keep telling our stories. That’s the only way we’ll survive. That’s what holds us together and keeps us strong. We have to know the stories to serve our future and help our youth.” 
– Rosemary Georgeson, Co-Writer and Community-Engagement Liaison

Vancouver Moving Theatre is very grateful for the support the company has  received to make this project happen. However, our work is not done yet. We still need your help!  Although, a large part of this project is funded, we are still raising funds for a few select, yet vital aspects to the project:

Youth…  In each community on our tour, we will co-host Seeking Voices workshops. Local youth and community participants will share in the production by working together. They will co-curate a pre-show slideshow of images of the local territory that reflect and support Youth Voice, and a  song-list that reflects the current and traditional pulse of Aboriginal thought and heart. Your donations now, will go directly toward funding these youth workshops and honorariums for youth participants in each community.

Food…  In many Indigenous cultural traditions, sharing food is an essential element for nourishing relationships, marking important events and sharing teachings. It is a gesture of respect when entering into a collaborative, community engagement process that is guided by Indigenous world views. We hope you can help us share on the road a welcome and thank you meal in each community, on your behalf!

Gifts… As a showing of respect, we would like to present gifts of artwork and crafts made by indigenous artists living in Vancouver’s downtown eastside to each host community we visit on our tour. By donating, you could compensate a downtown eastside artist and also help us pay respect to the communities on our tour.

“Reconciliation is not just an Aboriginal story. Culturally diverse citizens all across Canada are in need of reconciliation within ourselves, within our families and communities, within our nation, and in our relationship with the land and waters on which we depend.” 
- Savannah Walling, Artistic Director